‘Petite’ Wedding Packages for the smaller wedding

Posted on March 5, 2018 by Admin under wedding photography

Introducing the Petite Wedding Package 


As a wedding photographer i’m often interested to know what a bride and groom require of their wedding photographer in the digital age. Not everyone relishes the thought of a camera being pointed at them for the full day or indeed has the budget.

Therefore this spring in addition to my standard packages, I am introducing a range of petite wedding packages which will suit the smaller wedding or budget.

These packages are designed to provide you with quality professional edited pictures, but at a lower price.

I pride my self on being a documentary style photographer, there to capture the important moments of your special day. However if you wish, the packages can include up to 5 or 6 group photographs of family and special friends. And of course special ‘together forever’ photographs of yourselves.

Considering your requirements of the photographer is crucial – whilst there is no compromise on the quality produced pictures, the petite packages are restricted by time.

I am sorry but i am unable to offer the petite packages to couples whose wedding venue is further than 30 miles distance from Morecambe.

If you are interested please take a moment to check out my Petite Wedding Packages here : https://www.pjlphotography.net/cheap-wedding-photographer-small-weddings-midweek-weddings

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